Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cricket fever on the Indian MC

If I wasnt doing the stuff i am doing right now, i would have definitely made into the Indian Cricket team!

And plus, if you want to see true cricket fans, then you should meet the Indian MC - "The Champions League"

Times that i will never forget.. working till office late.. and then within minutes, the laptops get shut, ppl rush over to the huge ground at Vikky and then begins 4 - 5 hours of competetive cricket!

Wait for some pics of that fantastic place... where balls have been smashed out of the park, stumps breaking, crazy bowling and shieee, sledging... could go on and on! These have been some of the biggest retreating times and have recharged us!

An interesting fact:
Current amount spent by everyone on cricket gear = atleast half of their month's MC salary

Now that's what i call true committment!

Transition has started and the new team is also being transitioned about midnight cricket! Current MC - new MC cricket matches have started...

For anyone who visits Vikhroli, you should definitely witness this crazy yet lovable game with the Indian MC :)