Thursday, June 30, 2005

My team: Name to be launched soon :)

My new team in our office!

MC 05 - 06 AIESEC Sweden

From left:
Maria, Ladi, Emma and me

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nothin like ghar ki daal :)

Today was the day when i visited an Indian restaurant called India Lord in Sweden.. and trust me after eating those garlic naan and daal, well i just had to say..

Feels like heaven..

Might seem a random post for a few people, but for people who have been away from India, trust me they will share a similar feeling

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Contact number

Finally, I have my cell number!

To all those people who pass by stockholm, dont forget to give me a buzz..

Here you go: +46 (0) 737155407

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Stockholm: my new home :)

Well, there might havent been new postings lately from me, but that's primary due to the reason of me being extremely busy in Stockholm, where i embark my another exciting MC term in AIESEC Sweden.

I dont know where to start from, but it has been just great to be here. Currently transition is going on, so its been hectic!

From starting to learn and practising cooking to meeting interesting alumni, its been all experiencing different things. Had team days over the weekend and had great fun enjoying the good warm weather, which people crave for here.

One thing which is so different from me was that i woke up yesterday night at 4 00 AM and the sun was right up in the sky. I thought i had overslept and was 4 in the afternoon. Well thats the strangest thing I have found until date. The goddamn sun never goes down :) but well i think i am gonna miss this weather 3 months from now.

Pub hopping on last Friday night (apparently i shoudnt say nights, as the sun is still up until almost midnights) has been fun too!

Well,thats pretty much about how has it been until now! More to come..


Thursday, June 02, 2005

This is to the 'champions'!

A night to remember... 30th May 2005.
SPE 3/4, 'The Hood'

Thats when, the Champions League (Kartik, Prabs, Neha, Veeru, Aalekh, Sameer, Dhruv, Dhanur and me) met for their final night together completing their memorable year in Mumbai!

Wines overflowing, the true champions sharing their innermost and honest feelings about each other and how the year went, thoughtfully bought gifts :), it was indeed very special!

With tears in my eyes on that night, and i think that will be the case whenever i will think of them and that night!

I am gonna miss you 'The champions league' - you are truly the champions!
Thanks for being with me throughout the whole year - and i am gonna keep in touch with all of you!

Love you all, miss me at JNC - i am so dying to present our discharge! BUT see you soon at IC!