Sunday, June 19, 2005

Stockholm: my new home :)

Well, there might havent been new postings lately from me, but that's primary due to the reason of me being extremely busy in Stockholm, where i embark my another exciting MC term in AIESEC Sweden.

I dont know where to start from, but it has been just great to be here. Currently transition is going on, so its been hectic!

From starting to learn and practising cooking to meeting interesting alumni, its been all experiencing different things. Had team days over the weekend and had great fun enjoying the good warm weather, which people crave for here.

One thing which is so different from me was that i woke up yesterday night at 4 00 AM and the sun was right up in the sky. I thought i had overslept and was 4 in the afternoon. Well thats the strangest thing I have found until date. The goddamn sun never goes down :) but well i think i am gonna miss this weather 3 months from now.

Pub hopping on last Friday night (apparently i shoudnt say nights, as the sun is still up until almost midnights) has been fun too!

Well,thats pretty much about how has it been until now! More to come..



Mart'a said...

Hey! Good to see you here :o). Well I won´t tell you who I am ... but we know each other from the messenger :o))). Congratulations to getting on the Swedish MC... your @path seems to be endless... :o))). I sort of finished this year.
Well take care and enjoy the year.

Anette said...

Hey Amit,
it's really cool to read your weblog! I can imagine that the different sun is the strangest thing. But for sure there are more things that are different ;-) I can't wait to read about it. Take care, Anette

Amit Desai said...

hey marta,
i think you should reveal your name :)
you can leave the message on the tag board..

will wait!


Mart'a said...

Hmm.. it is sort of difficult to reveal my name when I doubt you actually know my name... hihih... well Marta is short for Martina. (if that helps) We were in quite some matching contact, plus I know Pruthvi of course:o)... but both of you only from the msn chat.

Amit Desai said...

Hey Martina.. ofcourse i remember you , we used to match before :) can you give me your msn.. also are you still in czech? mine is, add me!

Kram kram