Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Crazy times at the amusement park in Gothenberg!

Crazy times in Gothenberg, this has to be one of the craziest rollercoasters I have ever been on!
One of the biggest amusement parks in Liseberg, Gothenberg. My eyes have popped out which makes the picture look bad - but I just couldnt help. However, we took this ride twice - the second time, I just loved it :)

The huge rollercoaster is called Balder! The worst part about this that it doesnt give any time to recover. It just goes up and down at crazy speed and goes on and on.

Seen in this pic, is me, shit scared Nisarg, chary with white shirt, and Gokce who isnt scared for some strange reason :)

One of the best weekends so far I have been at Gothenberg!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Freaky moment!

This completely freaked me out!

I was going in the subway a couple of days back.
It was a 30 min ride and to pass time, was reading the news paper and was reading about the London blasts!

My eyes suddenly fell on an empty seat right across mine, and there was a cell phone (pretty cheap looking). I went near and checked - and the small screen said 'I am a Devil'.
I froze at that moment - my heart stopped! I thought, someone might have forgot it ofcourse, but my body shivered!

Then a lady came, and she asked me whose cellphone it was. I told her to go through the phone book and check out the home ph number and speak with the person to inform her. She dialled the number and got down on the other subway.

But somehow, I just felt that someone's gonna call on that, and as soon as someone picks up, this subway is gonna be history!

Many times thoughts on that have crossed my mind while traveling through subways here.

I just heard about some minor blasts or sth happenin again this afternoon in London again!

Hoping for peace to prevail!

May the force be with each one of us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Funny incident...

This happened a couple of days back when I was travelling back home late on a rainy night in a bus around 1 AM after an excellent poker night with some of my friends...

After a few mins, 2 people boarded the bus, started rumbling with the bus driver. A couple of mins after that, the bus driver stopped and spoke something in Swedish and everyone got down from the bus.

I spoke to a few people outside and I learnt that apparently there was a small verbal fight with the bus driver and the 2 people, and as there was a fight, he said that he doesnt wanna drive the bus anymore - and its his decision not to drive that bus now - so all of you get down and the people quietly got down without speaking a word!

I wonder if that was India and if the bus driver dared to pull this act on a rainy night, he wouldnt have gone home without verbal abuses and a few punches if he dared not to drive further!

Strange indeed :)

Friday, July 08, 2005

This is where AIESEC started...

After spending close to 5 years in AIESEC now, I am currently standing in front of Stockholm School of Economics, the place where AIESEC started.

At that moment, I had such a poweful feeling filled with pride that I cannot put in words!

Woah - this is the place the powerful organization took birth which is changing more and more lives everyday... I simply cant describe those 30 mins where I sat there on the park bench and couldnt stop looking at nothing else, but this!

Cheers to AIESEC!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Some crazy food

Hey all,
My sweet team mate Maria bought some food yesterday, which due to my `always-so-adventurous´ nature couldnt stop but try that!

It tasted pudding like but a bit weird, and then when I found out I freaked out!
Its called Blood Pudding, made from the blood of pig!

But after trying that, I think the only thing what I will do is not to get back to that thing ever :)
Well as for lil Maria, thats the desert she loves. Now thats what I call a true cultural difference ;)

Apart from that, I have been happy cooking some delicious Indian dishes and well sticking to that!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

For all R&B and Hip Hop fans...

Some nigerian R&B and hip hop which has got me crazy over the past few days

Dowload "Call my name", "Olufunmi" and "Runaway" which are the 3 biggest and most popular tracks by Styl Plus!

These are some of the coolest tracks i have ever heard!