Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Crazy times at the amusement park in Gothenberg!

Crazy times in Gothenberg, this has to be one of the craziest rollercoasters I have ever been on!
One of the biggest amusement parks in Liseberg, Gothenberg. My eyes have popped out which makes the picture look bad - but I just couldnt help. However, we took this ride twice - the second time, I just loved it :)

The huge rollercoaster is called Balder! The worst part about this that it doesnt give any time to recover. It just goes up and down at crazy speed and goes on and on.

Seen in this pic, is me, shit scared Nisarg, chary with white shirt, and Gokce who isnt scared for some strange reason :)

One of the best weekends so far I have been at Gothenberg!


eXPerience called L!FE said...
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eXPerience called L!FE said...

Hey Amit,

Thanks for visiting my Blog...yeah its an amazing place you are so close..definately take sometime out for Moscow and St Pete.
It was cool to see the place where @ started...
See you in India man..i have a lot of things to know from you..maybe MSN as well??

Anette said...

Hahaha what a pic! Looks like you really had fun ;-)

Prabs said...

Nice pic dude! :D

The recent floods have ruined the roads in the city. Your picture reminds me of the harrowing experience of driving everyday.

Does Sweden have a Disney Land?

chitgo said...

dude what a pic:D hahahahahahaha the 2 indians are completely knocked out!!!:D awesome man

chitgo said...

dude what a pic:D hahahahahahaha the 2 indians are completely knocked out!!!:D awesome man

Aalekh said...

why is the bearded man smiling so much in the snap?

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