Thursday, July 21, 2005

Freaky moment!

This completely freaked me out!

I was going in the subway a couple of days back.
It was a 30 min ride and to pass time, was reading the news paper and was reading about the London blasts!

My eyes suddenly fell on an empty seat right across mine, and there was a cell phone (pretty cheap looking). I went near and checked - and the small screen said 'I am a Devil'.
I froze at that moment - my heart stopped! I thought, someone might have forgot it ofcourse, but my body shivered!

Then a lady came, and she asked me whose cellphone it was. I told her to go through the phone book and check out the home ph number and speak with the person to inform her. She dialled the number and got down on the other subway.

But somehow, I just felt that someone's gonna call on that, and as soon as someone picks up, this subway is gonna be history!

Many times thoughts on that have crossed my mind while traveling through subways here.

I just heard about some minor blasts or sth happenin again this afternoon in London again!

Hoping for peace to prevail!

May the force be with each one of us!


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