Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Funny incident...

This happened a couple of days back when I was travelling back home late on a rainy night in a bus around 1 AM after an excellent poker night with some of my friends...

After a few mins, 2 people boarded the bus, started rumbling with the bus driver. A couple of mins after that, the bus driver stopped and spoke something in Swedish and everyone got down from the bus.

I spoke to a few people outside and I learnt that apparently there was a small verbal fight with the bus driver and the 2 people, and as there was a fight, he said that he doesnt wanna drive the bus anymore - and its his decision not to drive that bus now - so all of you get down and the people quietly got down without speaking a word!

I wonder if that was India and if the bus driver dared to pull this act on a rainy night, he wouldnt have gone home without verbal abuses and a few punches if he dared not to drive further!

Strange indeed :)


chitgo said...

dude! truly an interesting story..and signs of what i guess is a truly 'civilized' society...lol but im sure you would have not been short of giving the guy a good stare;)

Superluli said...

hey amit!
it's louly - nice to see you blogging. hope you are having a good MC year! i know I am :)
see you in india hopefully

Anette said...

Hey this is a quite strange experience you made. Somehow funny but also strange. I never heard of something like that. So don't expect that to be normal in Europe ;o)

Hugs, Anette

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