Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well, well, well - international MC experience is indeed a learning experience - not only in AIESEC but also personally!

Especially coming from an Indian family, being a vegetarian and having no siblings will have all the more impact and changes on you when you live abroad!

I remember the times last year on the Indian MC, where we never cooked - ordered food from everywhere to now in Sweden, where you gotta cook almost every day! Miss those times :) Was indeed very lucky then. But now times have changed!

Never ever in my 23 years have I bothered to go in the kitchen, see whats my mum been doing and how much effort it takes to cook a whole meal. Now I realize what my mum went through, when I ordered food at home and got pissed when some salt was less or wasnt according to my best liking!

Well this time was suddenly a change back in IC at home, where I had an excellent time appreciating my mum's food and sharing these feelings with my parents. Indeed they were happy!

And i have managed to have a decent hand on cooking now, since there are no options for me..

I think i can manage to cook some basic indian dishes now with the exact flavour..Here are some pictures on what i can do :) Btw, i have started to enjoy cooking!
Truly AIESEC changes lives...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crazy Swedes at IC...

Crazy 'Swedes' at the Global Village, at International Congress 2005 in Agra!

We were dressed as Pippi Longstroup on Global Village!

Over 550 people from more than 80 countries came together for working towards one cause, one mission! Thats the power of AIESEC!

IC, India! Conceived...Believed... Achieved... Its a legacy!