Friday, December 23, 2005

Voting error won London the Olympics..

This is quite an interesting article on the voting for the Olympic 2012 bid...

''Alex Gilady, an Israeli IOC member and part of the London 2012 Co-ordination Commission, tells the programme that another IOC member, thought to be Lambis Nikolaou of Greece, made the mistake.''

"If he had voted for Madrid it would have been 32-32 and we would have to have a vote-off between Madrid and Paris.
"In the vote-off, all the votes supporting London would have gone to Madrid because the fear was that Paris had a big chance to win. Madrid would have won against Paris, coming to the final against London.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Its a beauty, isnt it?

As a christmas gift, my parents got a new car! (I dint fund it:))

But here it is: Since we buy all cars from Maruti, Swift - the latest one is in our garage now :)

Power windows, Tubeless tyres, Anti Skid breaking systems, MPFI, Kenwood CD system inside, and more importantly looks cool with the dark grey color :)

Congrats mum and dad - cant wait to lay my hands on this one!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Now that's what I call a 'Chef' in the making...

Yesterday evening at home was indeed boring! On top of this, dint have any good food to cook, and especially when you are hungry - this is when you miss India, where you can walk out and grab a bite from the vendors, i so wish i could have a vada pav! Missing Ghatkopar :)

But anyways, I searched the fridge for half an hr and gathered some lemon juice, potatoes, bread, jalapenos, spinach, yogurt - basically emptied half my fridge.

Then put on some nice Christmas music :) and the party began to roll..

Here's the output:

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Tagged by Aalekh

Ten years ago
- I was 13
- I used to ride a bicycle to school
- Mathematics was my favourite subject
- My life revolved around studies and cricket

Five years ago
- I was 18
- Mathematics was still my favourite subject
- I got featured for the first time in a newspaper – for being 2nd in my city and 6th in state in 12th board exams
- Had a long vacation where getting up late, movies, cricket, watching TV was my daily routine
- Joined AIESEC!

The last one year
- I started to earn for the first time
- I met some of the smartest people who are going to be friends for life
- A lot of my meals constituted of only vada pavs (Potato balls in bread with spices)
- I listened to diverse and really cool music
- I traveled to Singapore , Malaysia , Germany and Netherlands
- Spent sleepless nights over the two biggest partnerships ever struck in AIESEC
- I developed a strong dislike for mediocrity and fake behavior
- I had the best year of my life personally and professionally

- Woke up at noon
- Saw the movie ‘American desi’
- Read Swedish newspaper – for checking TV shows
- Had a blast at the Christmas party

Five Yummy things
- Mom’s daal
- Mexican food
- Chocolate strawberry waffles with cream at Crepe station
- Brocolli and mushroom Pie
- Khichdi and curd

Five songs I know by heart
- I hope you dance – Lee Ann Womack
- With our without you – U2
- The reason - Hoobastank
- Sar ki yeh hai pahar – Strings
- Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Five things I’d do if I had the money
- Fly down to watch the next U2 concert wherever it’s happening!
- Take a world tour
- Buy a Ferrari laptop
- Buy a beach house which has a bowling alley, a foosball table, pool table, a cricket ground, Sony PS2, and a huge bathroom :)!
- Visit latin america

Five places I escape to:
- Any cricket ground
- Stockholm!
- Any beach
- Totos in Bombay
- Taj in Baroda :)

Five TV shows:
- The Apprentice
- Friends
- Tom and Jerry
- Kaun banega crorepati :P
- 24

Five things I enjoy doing
- Watching movies and sleeping mid way on my couch
- Playing sports – esp. cricket!
- AIESEC and ER – my work :)
- Listening to music
- Chilling :)

My favourite toys
- My digi cam
Soon to come:
- My new nano ipod

I Tag:
The kiwis :)

- Yat Wan Yeung
- Amy lil su

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Diamonds Forever...

A lot of people have asked me on what do our team name 'Diamonds Forever' for the Swedish MC means. The tagline is 'In the year of balance and pure excellence...'

This is how it goes:

- A perfect diamond is carved when its a balance of 4 Cs - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat (and we are 4 ppl on the team representing that:))
- This year in AIESEC Sweden was about maintaing a balance and moving forward in four broad areas so that AIESEC Sweden has clarity and implementation in these areas simultaneously and also because it always has to be a balance - exchange, finance, member, relevance!
- Diamonds are also a symbol of excellence
- Everyone on our team loves bond movies - and Diamonds are Forever is a cool bond movie :)

To check our MC blog, visit:

Monday, December 05, 2005

Winter approaches Stockholm...

Pics of the way to our office covered with snow! Doesnt it look awesome... These are the pictures I always dreamt off when I thought about snow :)

Friday, December 02, 2005


I have been hearing a lot from few people about reading books on leadership etc!

Have never got myself to actually pick up a book on leadership (educational)- always believed the biggest impact made on me and learning about leadership for me is seeing leadership exhibited by people and talking to ppl who have inspired me through their actions and daily life and read books which are case studies of people who have exhibited leadership through their life!

So you know what not to gift me ever on Christmas or birthday!
Educational Leadership books - an absolute no :)

Another quote I love about leadership, which i always believed in:
Leadership, an action and not a position!

Random post, but I felt like posting it, as I was thinking about it