Sunday, December 11, 2005


Tagged by Aalekh

Ten years ago
- I was 13
- I used to ride a bicycle to school
- Mathematics was my favourite subject
- My life revolved around studies and cricket

Five years ago
- I was 18
- Mathematics was still my favourite subject
- I got featured for the first time in a newspaper – for being 2nd in my city and 6th in state in 12th board exams
- Had a long vacation where getting up late, movies, cricket, watching TV was my daily routine
- Joined AIESEC!

The last one year
- I started to earn for the first time
- I met some of the smartest people who are going to be friends for life
- A lot of my meals constituted of only vada pavs (Potato balls in bread with spices)
- I listened to diverse and really cool music
- I traveled to Singapore , Malaysia , Germany and Netherlands
- Spent sleepless nights over the two biggest partnerships ever struck in AIESEC
- I developed a strong dislike for mediocrity and fake behavior
- I had the best year of my life personally and professionally

- Woke up at noon
- Saw the movie ‘American desi’
- Read Swedish newspaper – for checking TV shows
- Had a blast at the Christmas party

Five Yummy things
- Mom’s daal
- Mexican food
- Chocolate strawberry waffles with cream at Crepe station
- Brocolli and mushroom Pie
- Khichdi and curd

Five songs I know by heart
- I hope you dance – Lee Ann Womack
- With our without you – U2
- The reason - Hoobastank
- Sar ki yeh hai pahar – Strings
- Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

Five things I’d do if I had the money
- Fly down to watch the next U2 concert wherever it’s happening!
- Take a world tour
- Buy a Ferrari laptop
- Buy a beach house which has a bowling alley, a foosball table, pool table, a cricket ground, Sony PS2, and a huge bathroom :)!
- Visit latin america

Five places I escape to:
- Any cricket ground
- Stockholm!
- Any beach
- Totos in Bombay
- Taj in Baroda :)

Five TV shows:
- The Apprentice
- Friends
- Tom and Jerry
- Kaun banega crorepati :P
- 24

Five things I enjoy doing
- Watching movies and sleeping mid way on my couch
- Playing sports – esp. cricket!
- AIESEC and ER – my work :)
- Listening to music
- Chilling :)

My favourite toys
- My digi cam
Soon to come:
- My new nano ipod

I Tag:
The kiwis :)

- Yat Wan Yeung
- Amy lil su


Anonymous said...

There's a U2 concert in Sydney on the 1st of April 2006 and I'm going. Come along! Incidentally, I am also going ot a Green Day concert tomorrow.
- SP

Amit Desai said...

Lucky you!

If i had the money, I would have.. thats why i put it under that :)

Anonymous said...

phir wahi paise waali baat!

Life is beautiful said...

hey you like sleeping in the middle of movies..I like doing that too...

and oh my goodness..get away places TAJ in BAroda..HAHAHAHAHA! I love place...late nite ridiculous conversations...

ahh.baroda....your city rules!

Rishi Khaitan said...

"Spent sleepless nights over the two biggest partnerships ever struck in AIESEC."
I really love that line in your blog :-)
I bet you did!!

Life is beautiful said...

Hey amit
I just saw that you got faci for expros in europe
congrats dude!


Amit said...

I was recently chairing a conference in Italy. The OCP picked me up at the airport. She said she was emailing me last year. My memory is not bad so I was curious who she was as I didnt remember her. She said she was emailing me re Satyam. I told her that she must be communicating with you. As soon as she realised I wasnt Amit Desai, she called the MC to confirm if the randomer sitting in the car was the right guy. Fortunately I was but it didnt end here.

At the conference, a guy was very impressed as he had read my name on the new identity booklet. Even though I was part of all Identity meetings on AI but I didnt expect an output document to have my name on it. I didnt say anything this time though.

The next day he brought that document and it had your name! He was very disappointed as well.

I think you should consider chairing an Italian conference. A lot of people will be happy to see you.


Amit Desai said...

Hahaha, I have one story to tell you.

I had couple of instances where if I am not wrong an AIESECer from Portugal spoke to me about measurement system and inputs / feedback around that.

Well, I was starting to talk about that, but then it struck me so I informed that guy that probably I am not the same amit that the person was looking for.

On another note, I was giving my 10th board exams and the exam rooms were allocated alphabetically - and you wont believe this, I had 15 students named Amit sitting in the same row!
Talk about common name and unique personalities ;)

Btw, how'z your traineeship going and whats your email address?

Rishi Khaitan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rishi Khaitan said...

Thats interesting!
Just curious what the identity document was about?
I hope i am not in the wanted list :-)
You can mail me at

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