Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ten trends to watch in 2006

One of the most coolest article in one of my favourite websites... Mckinsey Quarterly
This can give a lot of insights on how can AIESEC can capitalize on this...

Few trends and excerpts...

Centers of economic activity will shift profoundly, not just globally, but also regionally. As a consequence of economic liberalization, technological advances, capital market developments, and demographic shifts, the world has embarked on a massive realignment of economic activity. Although there will undoubtedly be shocks and setbacks, this realignment will persist. Today, Asia (excluding Japan) accounts for 13 percent of world GDP, while Western Europe accounts for more than 30 percent. Within the next 20 years the two will nearly converge. Some industries and functions—manufacturing and IT services, for example—will shift even more dramatically. The story is not simply the march to Asia. Shifts within regions are as significant as those occurring across regions.
How is AIESEC currently truly working on GN levels to capitalize this? There is a lot of scope for ER in this area and steps are already made by AIESEC in this area with certain GN structures working effectively now - one of the best egs that come to my mind is the ER working in SSGN...

Technological connectivity will transform the way people live and interact.
The technology revolution has been just that. Yet we are at the early, not mature, stage of this revolution. Individuals, public sectors, and businesses are learning how to make the best use of IT in designing processes and in developing and accessing knowledge. New developments in fields such as biotechnology, laser technology, and nanotechnology are moving well beyond the realm of products and services.
More transformational than technology itself is the shift in behavior that it enables. We work not just globally but also instantaneously. We are forming communities and relationships in new ways (indeed, 12 percent of US newlyweds last year met online).
Talk about Initiative Groups on Technology and capitalizing on this? Entrepreneurship in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry is huge in Sweden, and thats where local committees in Stockholm are formulating products to capitalize on this...

* Read this article in detail which can be a big help to shape up on how can AIESEC focus on the external market in the coming year.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

News from our 'friendly' neighbours...

Welcome Lars Erik - one of the funniest dudes i have met... to lead AIESEC in Norway for the coming year by becoming the MCP of AIESEC in Norway for 2006-07

I met him first at ScaLDS where this pic was clicked - Dont fall for his initial quiet persona :) The real him is extremely smart and funny...

Congrats Lars!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Run Riot - Sehwag's killing everyone :)

This man - Virender Sehwag is turning the heat on! By scoring the 2nd fastest double ton in the history of cricket and the ever 'reliable' Dravid also rightly known as 'The Wall' playing his bit, they are plundering the Pakistani bowling! What a response to Pakistan's mammoth Score!

Though the test match is heading towards a draw, Indians are looking good to have an upper hand against a well balanced Pakistan side!

I so miss watching Sehwag's swash buckling hits! Its always a pleasure watching him...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

May 19, 2006

Counting days for the biggest Movie to be released in 2006!
Watch the trailer here

Friday, January 06, 2006

First reunion of 'The Champions League' - tick!

To start off, we missed the other part of the gang a lot! But at least it felt so good to catch up with DC, NP, DG, KS!

Celebrating New Year's on the top of the hill in Prague with the traditional Indian Old Monk :) and with 'friends forever', it couldn't have been better...

Also not to forget the post party at the most weirdest club (though the men enjoyed it ;)), and then sharing our Top 5 Dont's for 2006 it was quite a good break from the work and catching up with memories of the last MC year!

Prague is a beautiful city though I had not the most pleasant experiences with my wallet being stolen on the 1st day of arrival!

After the first union is 'check' on our scoreboard, the 2nd reunion bids are open - After seeing 'After the Sunset' in the bus ride back to Brussels from Prague, I (and Kartik as well :)) propose: Paradise Island, Bahamas or in Trinidad (Btw, March 2007 - World Cup Cricket could be the reunion where we will see India lifting the cup:))

More pics from the East European heaven a.k.a Prague by clicking here...

Wishing everyone a successful and eventful year - 2006!