Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ten trends to watch in 2006

One of the most coolest article in one of my favourite websites... Mckinsey Quarterly
This can give a lot of insights on how can AIESEC can capitalize on this...

Few trends and excerpts...

Centers of economic activity will shift profoundly, not just globally, but also regionally. As a consequence of economic liberalization, technological advances, capital market developments, and demographic shifts, the world has embarked on a massive realignment of economic activity. Although there will undoubtedly be shocks and setbacks, this realignment will persist. Today, Asia (excluding Japan) accounts for 13 percent of world GDP, while Western Europe accounts for more than 30 percent. Within the next 20 years the two will nearly converge. Some industries and functions—manufacturing and IT services, for example—will shift even more dramatically. The story is not simply the march to Asia. Shifts within regions are as significant as those occurring across regions.
How is AIESEC currently truly working on GN levels to capitalize this? There is a lot of scope for ER in this area and steps are already made by AIESEC in this area with certain GN structures working effectively now - one of the best egs that come to my mind is the ER working in SSGN...

Technological connectivity will transform the way people live and interact.
The technology revolution has been just that. Yet we are at the early, not mature, stage of this revolution. Individuals, public sectors, and businesses are learning how to make the best use of IT in designing processes and in developing and accessing knowledge. New developments in fields such as biotechnology, laser technology, and nanotechnology are moving well beyond the realm of products and services.
More transformational than technology itself is the shift in behavior that it enables. We work not just globally but also instantaneously. We are forming communities and relationships in new ways (indeed, 12 percent of US newlyweds last year met online).
Talk about Initiative Groups on Technology and capitalizing on this? Entrepreneurship in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry is huge in Sweden, and thats where local committees in Stockholm are formulating products to capitalize on this...

* Read this article in detail which can be a big help to shape up on how can AIESEC focus on the external market in the coming year.


chitgo said...

been reading this article since this morning:) very interesting key trend for the year :

Management will go from art to science. Bigger, more complex companies demand new tools to run and manage them. Indeed, improved technology and statistical-control tools have given rise to new management approaches that make even mega-institutions viable.

Long gone is the day of the "gut instinct" management style. Today's business leaders are adopting algorithmic decision-making techniques and using highly sophisticated software to run their organizations. Scientific management is moving from a skill that creates competitive advantage to an ante that gives companies the right to play the game.

Sound familiar?

Mart'a said...

I was at the MC in Iceland for some time :o) the previous year. So I totally agree it is the heaven on earth!

And yes, I will be in Prague for Expro, I heard there should be even some Alumni Agenda, so hopefully will meet you somewhere there :o)!


Anonymous said...

while I agree with the benefits of in depth analysis to come up with different 'what if' scenarios before a company makes its decisions - I do not agree that the gut instinct mgt. style is long gone. It's all over the place and indispensable in business today....and shall be for a while. Technology is at best an enabler. The thumb rules still work in business - in fact, most big and successful companies swear by them - get the basics right! let common sense prevail in tricky situations. maximize sales, minimize costs and so on. To give you an example - the single most important thing on which all businesses work today is relationship building. be it brands with people or companies with their key clients. nothing too complex about that. and for mgt to go from an art to a science, one year is too short a period for that change to be affected. It is a much longer evolutionary process and does not happen at the same time and at the same pace across all countries/businesses.

Amit Desai said...

Interesting thoughts..

Relationship bulding as the key! Exactly how Swedish business culture works! Swedish business culture strongly favours compromising and works with a flat hierarchical structure. Swedes dont like to say they are the best in something. That's one of the reasons for the longer time to build sustainable partnerships for eg with AIESEC or any organization. (comparing with the Indian business culture which is a bit more top - heavy)

chitgo said...

very good point anonymous. let me add my 2 bits. 'gut instinct' here speaks more on aspects of investments, acquisitions and basic trend-watching and consequential action. Whilst indispensable actions like smart and effective financial and marketing management shall prevail; the pure numbers that organizations are dealing with has exploded. the new level playing field (technology) no longer gives larger organization speed and quantity based advantages. The theme now is focussed on the quality of the experience and the multi-level interaction of a brand with it's consumer. Relationship building is mechanized all around us. However a final internal contradiction is nothing can still beat the human element of business interaction. management is going to go from an art to a science in bottom -up organizations and is a boon only to empowered corporate set ups.

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