Sunday, February 19, 2006

Talk about slaughtering on a cricket field...

The men in blue are definitely turning the heat on the cricket field!
Yuvraj and Dhoni have given India a thumping victory to end the ODI series victory over Pakistan...What a fire cracker show on the field!

Indian fielding is improving and the batting is as always India's greatest strength!
Couple of really good bowlers and the 2007 cup is going to be India's!

Go India Go!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The 'power' of MEDIA

Have been reading postings, all possible news on the cartoons published in the newspaper and couldnt help but post my thoughts about this.

I would say the media or traditionally as we all have been referring to the power of pen has indeed shown drastic results.

Either the media can go on harping about the fact that they have the freedom of expression as their motto, or realize the fact that there is a section of people who wouldnt understand this or give a damn to the media's freedom of expression.

The world consists of people who have different mindsets - and to keep on fighting about who is right and who is wrong - and saying people should not react harshly etc. etc. is completely baseless. Realize the fact that there are such people who would spark off violence when they hear or read such things.

So coming back to media - which also reminds me of my last team's discussion at Vikhroli on the Kashmir issue - we were discussing on what could be the possible steps to improve the situation. Lets say reforms are started - education, economical... And what if the media promoted this rather than one person being killed and fuelling the already existing tensions.

What if there was one day a newspaper that dint mention anything about the war / terror / people being killed and mentioned positive or the better part of life - organizations like AIESEC that are trying to make a difference? Acco. to media - would the so called 'news' not sell enough?

The race for today's media to bring out the truth / to be the best media channels, publications etc. is all ok - but i would say media should realize its power - and work together with the governments closely to see how they can work together to lessen the violence. I firmly believe the power of media can make a huge difference to already existing tensions and make a big step towards world peace.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The event for 2007!

Well, well, well
What can I say! The event for 2007 - yes its still time... But the fever has already started!

ICC Cricket World Cup, West Indies 2007

Check the groupings and the complete schedule here !
The good part for India is the India tour in West Indies in May and June 2006. This should help India prepare in a big way!

The countdown has already started... 400 DAYS to go :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Couldn't have been better...

One of my closest friends, Emanuel Gävert will rock ER and take it to heights never seen before in AIESEC Sweden! He's the best person to take this job for sure!

I am extremely happy and proud to have him as my successor, couldn't have had a better person to take over me... though transition will also include winning badminton games ;)