Friday, February 03, 2006

The event for 2007!

Well, well, well
What can I say! The event for 2007 - yes its still time... But the fever has already started!

ICC Cricket World Cup, West Indies 2007

Check the groupings and the complete schedule here !
The good part for India is the India tour in West Indies in May and June 2006. This should help India prepare in a big way!

The countdown has already started... 400 DAYS to go :)


judit said...

Wondering where is a posting about the "Year of the dog" :-)?

SiddharthP said...

hahahaha - Amit, you're a bit early aren't you. But anyway, it's gonna be big. You could start counting down to the 2011 World Cup as well. 1861 days to go! And its probably gonna be hosted in the sub-continent though Australia's bidding for it as well! We all know where the funds for the game come from ;-)

Superluli said...


Amit Desai said...

Judit: Its all in the open :) 1982 falls in the year of the dog - so lets see how it goes! How about you?

Sid P: never too early for something like this :)

Superluli: Hope lord forgives you for this sin committed! WTF, blah...:)

Superluli said...

can't believe there's a world cup for cricket
how many countries play 6?!
NZ aussie UK india SA and pakistan?!

that's a very small cup huh?!!

i just find it helarious - cricket CUP! hahah

Amit Desai said...

Btw, its 16! Though the 6 teams you mention are the strongest of all. But the so called 'cricket cup' focusses on quality teams and quality games rathar than targetting the mass. Rings a bell? :)

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