Sunday, February 19, 2006

Talk about slaughtering on a cricket field...

The men in blue are definitely turning the heat on the cricket field!
Yuvraj and Dhoni have given India a thumping victory to end the ODI series victory over Pakistan...What a fire cracker show on the field!

Indian fielding is improving and the batting is as always India's greatest strength!
Couple of really good bowlers and the 2007 cup is going to be India's!

Go India Go!


Prabs said...

Pak just needs a new coach and captian. Baki sab theek hai :D

eXPerience called L!FE said...

if the juniors would have pulled it off as well...dono haath ghee mein hote. Par koi nahi, 2007 mein sab barabar kar lenge.

Gauri Poswal said...

prabs, i have no idea what anyone else needs. All i know is that India cannot afford to look back now, esp ,after they can finally play the game without me havin to be there, shoutin at every ball and stroke of the bat.
Rest,they will already have me in the world cup...
(did i tell u about the world cup of 2004??.....)
did i tell u that i am plannin to be a sport manager thing after an MBA so that i could be with "my boys"??

p.s.did u know that the "jal" singer acted all cocky about Pak's win over India in the test series at the time of his concert here?
Well, again lx, tom n Jal ........need we say anythng at all!!!???
p.p.s. do smthng about ur connection

Explaination of my comment:
The "craxy" part, as u put it, was actually my way of tellin u that i missed todays match which i am not very proud of.(N it gives u a hint on what i did at the time of world cup 2004.)The latter part is my wishful thinkin.
N the sport manager part is my way of aligning AIESEC to MBA to my aim of being with the men in blue

amit:sorry for postin such comment but apparently there is still a loooong time to go before ppl understand my way of communication (n he syas he still doesnt get it!!....o prabs c!)

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Superluli said...

my god amit and your love of cricket!

something i will never understand

at least tell me you prefer football - or else the world doesn't make sense anymore

sharmin said...

Hey amit,
Check out my blog ..... I have better updates about that match and better pics too :)

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