Friday, March 10, 2006

Formula 1 Season for 2006 kicks off in Bahrain...

Yes, after Renault swiping away the constructor and driver's championship for 2005, the 2006 Formula 1 starts off this weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix!

Now here's the interesting part to make it fun!

For all Formula 1 lovers, follow these simple steps:

1. - Click to register on this gamezone
2. Create your team (you can create as many teams as possible)
3. I have created a league called nomadlife.
After you register and create teams, you can click 'My league' and then join the league by entering your teams into this.
Enter this:
League Name: Nomadlife
Password: nomadlife
(This might be case sensitive)

And then there are points for every wins, races etc. So lets see who wins this. The season has just started, so it should be fun following this!

Lets see whether Renault has another successful year, is Ferrari back in action (woohoo! My bet is always on them) or is Mclaren gonna give a big surprise!


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