Saturday, March 25, 2006

A memorable time...

The last 15 days spent at Euro XPRO in Czech Republic was one of the most intense learning and powerful experience for me!

From working with undoubtedly one of the best facilitator teams to spending nights of endless conversations with people who have become my very good friends, it was simply amazing! Thanks everyone...

This conference for me has been a conference of conversations. I cannot put it in words on how much this conference meant for me.

Global Village :)

An evening view of the beautiful city of Prague

P.S In case anyone has uploaded the pics from the conference, please send me the link! Few of them are uploaded here


Farid said...

nice to meet you bro! keep in touch!

Amit Desai said...

Likewise bro! Hope to see you in the states sometime...

Life is beautiful said...

wicked dude.....
glad you had a rockin good time
followed my some brilliant conversation..

what more could an indian man living in sweden want out of life?

Take care dear!


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