Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Exciting times lie ahead...

Reached Schipol today in the evening!

After having a good dinner, thanks Jingwei and Vero for cooking it.. and meeting my team, the excitement is building up!

What more can i say than 'Exciting times lie ahead'...
1st official transition day begins tomorrow... cannot wait for it!

Over and out...from a really cool apartment :)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Scandinavian chill out II :)

Wonderful weekend with the Scandinavian MC dudes and dudettes...

The crazy Scandinavians were back this weekend in the MC flat for a 'chill out' weekend.

Some key highlights from the weekend:

Wild Nordic circles, JC's yakki yakki - where he brutally crushed some food packets, playing card games like poker, clubbing, an entire day spent in GronaLund - an exciting day spent at the amusement park with crazy rides to some nice chilled out discussions... all and all a really nice weekend!

The pictures:
1. Scandinavian MCs at the amusement park
2. Swedish MC looking spooky :)

More pics - here

Thursday, May 25, 2006

World is really getting flatter...

The iPod company and the shoe company are partnering together to make your workout easier and more fun. Nike’s new footwear, the Moire, tracks information during your run such as distance, time, speed, and calories burned. The iPod Sport Kit allows you to view the workout data from your shoe in real time, not after your workout is over.

Read on - here

Yahoo! Inc. and eBay Inc. today announced a multi-year strategic partnership designed to mutually benefit both companies by better serving their user, merchant, and advertising communities in the U.S. The agreement consists of four major components in the areas of search and graphical advertising, online payments, a co-branded toolbar, and the opportunity to explore “click-to-call” functionality.

Read on - here

Currently I am reading "The World is Flat" - and this piece of news actually shows how organizations are collaborating / converging at a horizontal level - one more step as a flattener to the world...

A really cool and informative book!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Goo Goo dolls concert live...

Goo goo dolls... excellent hour and a half spent at Berns (where the concert was).

And watching the concert from the 2nd row hummin and singin along with the crowd, the entire experience was enthralling!

Majority of the song were played from the new album called 'Let Love In' and it has pretty good numbers...

Songs that are really cool which you must hear...

- Stay with you
- Give a little bit
- Let love in
- Better days

And of course Johnny Rzeznik sang the old classics...Slide, Iris, Broadway

Without further going into details, you can check the pics by clicking HERE

And more importantly the videos captured live :)
Better days....Click here
Iris...Click here
Slide...Click here (1st part) and here (2nd part)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Badminton in the mornings...

This is where I am during early mornings - about 2 days of the week atleast...

Serves 3 purposes:

- Good exercising (Infact this is my only means of exercising :))
- Make sure that I have an early start to the day :)
- I cannot live without sports, so this keeps me alive and helps to start a day, fully refreshed!

I play badminton with Fredrik (who was MC VP ICX / ER 03-04 @ Sweden) and Emanuel (my successor for the coming year).

Today was one of the most historic matches played - usually the single games we play are until 7 points, but today's last match with Fredrik lasted until 14 points - about 30 mins. After Fredrik was trailing 3 - 2 in the game series, he came back to win the marathon game to level the series 3 - 3. I am sure this will be recorded in history :)!

Emanuel bro, we still have some transition to do :) and as I said before we still need to discuss more on 'how to win badminton games', though your performance has increased dramatically since you have started to beat Fredrik :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Here's to you!

Yesterday one phone call made my day! I genuinely felt so happy about a person whom I have respected, learnt my steps in AIESEC, learnt generally about life and a lot of things which has played a big role in where I am today.

I wouldnt have been here if I hadnt met this person and shared a lot of things and have this special friendship! Thanks for being there for me always and being my mentor...

Here's to you, Kartik - thanks for everything and the special friendship we share...

He has another new exciting adventure to begin in some other part of the world!:).

And once again I am so happy for you...

Looking fwd to more happy, good times and my wishes are with you to keep on hearing big success stories from you...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Watch out for the Indian tigers!

India beat WI in Kingston in a thrilling opener! Dravid - popularly knows as "the Wall" has shown it by cracking an exciting ton!

I am super thrilled about their chances at the World CUP now considering they are looking good and comfortable on wickets in the West Indies!

Watch out for INDIA!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last 13 days in Stockholm...

Sitting in the office now listening to Eros Ramazzotti - Un'altra te (Btw, I love this song and hear this at least two to three times in a day)...

13 days left in what is my first international adventure in Stockholm and then moving to another exciting year in Rotterdam!

Few things to look forward for the next 13 days in Stockholm:

* Completing a kick ass Transition and wrap up things
* Watching Da Vinci Code atleast two times
* Euro VISION finals on Saturday :)
* Finish reading 'The World is Flat'
* Goo goo dolls concert on 23rd May
* Scandinavian Chill out weekend 26 - 28th May
* Continue with badminton at FrescatiHallen twice a week and kick some arse there
* Meeting people
* Shopping

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cruise to Finland with my team - Absolutely Fantastic!

Wonderful memories with my team - about 20 official days left for my term in Stockholm - This year has been an unforgettable, memorable international adventure in my life!

Some key highlights from the cruise:

Started off by chilling on the top of the deck - getting a good sun bath :) Felt so good with the sun straight into your face! Reminds me of summer in Stockholm when I started my term, even at 8 00 PM, sun's shining as if it was noon.

After that we all had a grand Buffet - some 30 euros odd, but woah, have never eaten so good and so much in my life... exotic desserts, excellent starters, well you have to eat it to believe it :)!

Post that, some nice Jacob's Creek wine and Baileys to set the mood right! Then after having dipped in enough spirits, it was Karaoke time! After a young dude sang Wonderwall in what was the worst ever version of Wonderwall - and I am not exaggerating. I thought the dude was having a speech with some music playing on the background. Not that we came up with the best version of 'Summer of 69' after that, but at least with a decent voice and good singing Swedes and a wonderful Nigerian voice, we had a good time! Had a good long party night and then slept around 4 00 AM.

Woke up about 30 mins past the boat landed at the Helsinki harbor and then met up with the Finnish MC for a good lunch. Had some good Indian food at the food court! Post that chilled at a cool island in the afternoon - lazed around in the sun and then went back to the ship.

Had a good dinner too at a restaurant on the boat and had some good cool discussions about the year and generally a lot of other things. Took some crazy pics, watched a lot of friends episodes and basically chilled!

Good times laughing, sharing things, a million pics clicked - btw in the midst of this we got chased by one really drunk guy! Had fun running around :)

All - in - all a perfect time, a good break to spend some good time with my team, whom I have shared some of the best moments of my life! Big hugs to them...

For more pics, you can click here:

Album I
Album 2
Album 3

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

LC Visits...

Had LC Visits last weekend!

Had a terrible start though. Had a morning train at 5 20 AM. Firstly I woke up at 4 00 (hate mornings), had a bus to the central station at 4 50, which never came! Damn, it was 5 00 when I ordered a taxi. Taxi came like at 5 10. I had to threaten / plead the taxi driver - whatever it sounded at that time - to break all speed limits but told him that I had to reach central stn in 5 mins since I still had to punch in codes to get my ticket. After all this drama, I managed to get in the train 30 sec before the train left. Phew... what a start!

Almost slept in the train after I put up an alarm for 1 min before the train reached the place, since I knew I was tired like hell. But well as soon as I reached the city, I felt so energized!
+ 20 degrees in a beautiful small student town welcomed me - Btw, I coach LC called Lund, its a city 1 hr near Copenhagen south-west in Sweden. An extremely small and beautiful city!

Had a long, tough but exciting agenda with the fresh, newly elected EB. The entire agenda was planning for their coming year - LC goals, actions etc according to the Balance Score card. It was exciting to see how this EB were extremely excited, ambitious and motivated to work with this. I loved being with them - discussing things, challenging them plus getting challenged with some really good questions!

They had organized a Japanese cultural evening and it was a blast! I had Sushi (Vegetarian sushi:)), the spiciest thing I have ever eaten - Wasabi (its horse radish) and some nice Japanese soup. There were also about 4 - 5 Japanese university students who were talking and sharing things about Japan. We had v. informative discussions on a lot of cultural aspects of that country. My first international conference in AIESEC was in Tokyo - APLCP's meet, so it was even more cooler to revisit some of the things I had learnt then about this country!

Post that, Singstar Karoake on Sony PS2 - I love the software, it tracks and gives you points depending on how well you sing etc. - I def. need to buy this - I am sure it can be a part of excellent evenings and will come in handy for the coming year in Netherlands with crazy people :)

Overall, had a wonderful time with the EB, and planning! Thanks guys for everything!
Plus, there is this small place which served excellent falafels. It was the biggest I ever had, plus lovely sauces - muah!

Hell yeah - I am loving my job :)!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Premium member :)

I am so honoured today! I have been granted premimum membership of this exclusive club :)
I hope I can put this on my CV - I am sure this will take me places! :)

Click HERE to read on - :)

I feel at home by being part of this blog:

P.S I still cant believe that this blog is kept active... :) Hilarious..

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ferrari's back! Schumi's back! Who's your daddy...

After a sizzling performance by Schumi at San Marino and especially after Alonso took pole at Nurburgring in his home country, the pressure was on him.

And boy did he deliver it in fine style!

He's back! Ferrari is on its strong come back after not a good season last year! But as a strong die hard tifosi :), I am gonna support the 'prancing horse' all the way!

The season is shaped up excitingly with Renault and Ferrari neck to neck at this stage. Mclaren's closely following up as well...

Who's gonna take the one in Catalunya, Spain?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy bday Maria, lovingly called Gotza :)

This is to dedicate a huge milestone for my dear team mate Maria! She has officially turned 24 today :) I wish you all the best for a succesful year. A big hug to you for playing a role in making my time in Sweden a memorable one - both personally and professionally!

She has been one of the best flat mates ever! Staying together with a crazy Nigerian, she brings a good balance :) Three of us have truly enjoyed living together.

May you have a great year ahead. May you also 'live your dreams' for the next year...

P.S 1. This is a picture of today morning at 06 00 AM when Ladi and me prepared a breakfast for her and woke her up with a nice lil Birthday song in Swedish (Since she is an early morning person, Ladi and me had to wake up early enough to make sure she is still sleeping :)).

P.S 2. As you can also see and comprehend, we can be really good and caring flat mates :)

P.S 3. Dont also mind my hair - its a bad picture with my hair all over the place - its 06 00 AM for heaven's sake and certainly not my time to start a day!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Nigerian gangster :)...

My crazy Nigerian team mate, well he has had loads of adventures in Stockholm! I can go on and on and on about my bro.... well some of the things you will be shocked to hear, but that's later :)

A die hard Chelsea fan, a great singer, a cool dude, the only guy whom i have met who says Feenance instead of Finance, Embaaraas instead of embarass in his thick heavy Nigerian accent - he's started with a blog! Woohoo... Best of luck for capturing such moments on your blog and all the best for your future! You know I'm with you...

Catch his experiences at -

P.S Below is our team picture in the super-cool African t-shirts bought by him