Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cruise to Finland with my team - Absolutely Fantastic!

Wonderful memories with my team - about 20 official days left for my term in Stockholm - This year has been an unforgettable, memorable international adventure in my life!

Some key highlights from the cruise:

Started off by chilling on the top of the deck - getting a good sun bath :) Felt so good with the sun straight into your face! Reminds me of summer in Stockholm when I started my term, even at 8 00 PM, sun's shining as if it was noon.

After that we all had a grand Buffet - some 30 euros odd, but woah, have never eaten so good and so much in my life... exotic desserts, excellent starters, well you have to eat it to believe it :)!

Post that, some nice Jacob's Creek wine and Baileys to set the mood right! Then after having dipped in enough spirits, it was Karaoke time! After a young dude sang Wonderwall in what was the worst ever version of Wonderwall - and I am not exaggerating. I thought the dude was having a speech with some music playing on the background. Not that we came up with the best version of 'Summer of 69' after that, but at least with a decent voice and good singing Swedes and a wonderful Nigerian voice, we had a good time! Had a good long party night and then slept around 4 00 AM.

Woke up about 30 mins past the boat landed at the Helsinki harbor and then met up with the Finnish MC for a good lunch. Had some good Indian food at the food court! Post that chilled at a cool island in the afternoon - lazed around in the sun and then went back to the ship.

Had a good dinner too at a restaurant on the boat and had some good cool discussions about the year and generally a lot of other things. Took some crazy pics, watched a lot of friends episodes and basically chilled!

Good times laughing, sharing things, a million pics clicked - btw in the midst of this we got chased by one really drunk guy! Had fun running around :)

All - in - all a perfect time, a good break to spend some good time with my team, whom I have shared some of the best moments of my life! Big hugs to them...

For more pics, you can click here:

Album I
Album 2
Album 3


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