Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy bday Maria, lovingly called Gotza :)

This is to dedicate a huge milestone for my dear team mate Maria! She has officially turned 24 today :) I wish you all the best for a succesful year. A big hug to you for playing a role in making my time in Sweden a memorable one - both personally and professionally!

She has been one of the best flat mates ever! Staying together with a crazy Nigerian, she brings a good balance :) Three of us have truly enjoyed living together.

May you have a great year ahead. May you also 'live your dreams' for the next year...

P.S 1. This is a picture of today morning at 06 00 AM when Ladi and me prepared a breakfast for her and woke her up with a nice lil Birthday song in Swedish (Since she is an early morning person, Ladi and me had to wake up early enough to make sure she is still sleeping :)).

P.S 2. As you can also see and comprehend, we can be really good and caring flat mates :)

P.S 3. Dont also mind my hair - its a bad picture with my hair all over the place - its 06 00 AM for heaven's sake and certainly not my time to start a day!


Ladi said...

Why does my head look bigger than my body here???

Please see my own tribute to our darling Gotza on

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