Wednesday, May 10, 2006

LC Visits...

Had LC Visits last weekend!

Had a terrible start though. Had a morning train at 5 20 AM. Firstly I woke up at 4 00 (hate mornings), had a bus to the central station at 4 50, which never came! Damn, it was 5 00 when I ordered a taxi. Taxi came like at 5 10. I had to threaten / plead the taxi driver - whatever it sounded at that time - to break all speed limits but told him that I had to reach central stn in 5 mins since I still had to punch in codes to get my ticket. After all this drama, I managed to get in the train 30 sec before the train left. Phew... what a start!

Almost slept in the train after I put up an alarm for 1 min before the train reached the place, since I knew I was tired like hell. But well as soon as I reached the city, I felt so energized!
+ 20 degrees in a beautiful small student town welcomed me - Btw, I coach LC called Lund, its a city 1 hr near Copenhagen south-west in Sweden. An extremely small and beautiful city!

Had a long, tough but exciting agenda with the fresh, newly elected EB. The entire agenda was planning for their coming year - LC goals, actions etc according to the Balance Score card. It was exciting to see how this EB were extremely excited, ambitious and motivated to work with this. I loved being with them - discussing things, challenging them plus getting challenged with some really good questions!

They had organized a Japanese cultural evening and it was a blast! I had Sushi (Vegetarian sushi:)), the spiciest thing I have ever eaten - Wasabi (its horse radish) and some nice Japanese soup. There were also about 4 - 5 Japanese university students who were talking and sharing things about Japan. We had v. informative discussions on a lot of cultural aspects of that country. My first international conference in AIESEC was in Tokyo - APLCP's meet, so it was even more cooler to revisit some of the things I had learnt then about this country!

Post that, Singstar Karoake on Sony PS2 - I love the software, it tracks and gives you points depending on how well you sing etc. - I def. need to buy this - I am sure it can be a part of excellent evenings and will come in handy for the coming year in Netherlands with crazy people :)

Overall, had a wonderful time with the EB, and planning! Thanks guys for everything!
Plus, there is this small place which served excellent falafels. It was the biggest I ever had, plus lovely sauces - muah!

Hell yeah - I am loving my job :)!