Monday, June 12, 2006

AI Take off weekend...

The last weekend was simply amazing! We talk about living diversity... well, hearing my team's diverse experiences and what they have gone through, my respect for them has tripled! Everyone on the team has their unique flavour and their set of experiences which has made them the person they are.

We started off the weekend by going to a zoo - well I am not overly fond of them, but then going with my team and this particular zoo was indeed v. special... Some crazy pics below

Firstly, here's Director Asia Pacific for the coming year showing his AP ness :) (Being a New Zealander, he keeps sharing his love for Aussies, so he couldnt help but do this) Good luck maate :)

Dey, me :)

The Czech - Slovak dudes :) Ondrej and Jarda have already shown their spirits in terms of gallons of beer consumption until now and Petr is not far behind with his wine consumption

Gabiza and Maria - chilling as always :) Btw, thanks to Gabiza, I have started to pick up some interesting Romanian lingo ;) Pupici to you girls...

Sea horses - always saw them in cartoons before

Nemo is finally found :)

Cute lil Penguins

More pics by clicking here


Westy said...

hey Amit,

just found your blog, good luck to you in your term and hopefully I'll see you around sometime,



chitgo said...

hahaha :) stud boy!

sharmin said...

Hey dear,
Great to see your pics. You have changed :).
All the very best for your term ahead. I hear your news though it takes time to reach me..hehe
Take care of yourself


Ruta said...

Hey Amit,

great pictures, and great people, hope this combination will lead you to a great experience:)


Aalekh said...

Hero !! enjoying yourself I see !

Erica Cleofe said...

Hello Amit!

So psyched to see you in two weeks!