Friday, July 28, 2006

Do you want to dominate the world?

RISK - The 'real' game of strategy...
Lately since the last week and a half, some of the evenings have been crazy with this board game.

This game is absolutely addictive and its fantastic!

And especially when you play with a few AI people, it becomes more than a game :) Very very competitive...

Tonight post 9 00 PM - Coco, Gabiza, Gee, Abhi, Ryan and me are having a chilled out night with beers and RISK :) Lets see who is going to dominate the world!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

SG meeting : 20 - 21July

Supervisory Group meeting - another unique experience!

Paul Batchelor, Rainer Kirchhofer, Carolyn Nimmy, Andrew Fiddaman, Victor Loewenstein, Ante Glavas, Tsurumi Michiaki in one room with both the AI Teams.

It was mind blowing to see the amount of knowledge, committment and passion they had for AIESEC. The questions, discussions sometimes surprised me on the understanding they have about AIESEC.

The best part was the social evening dinner that Rainer (from UBS) hosted for all of us. Getting to know them better, their personal views of AIESEC and their story of why do they have so much passion for this wonderful organization ; indeed very impressive.

Unfortunately it was Rainer Kirchhofer's last meeting.

At the end he simply said 'I am NOT leaving AIESEC, I am just leaving the Supervisory Group. I will keep coming back to AIESEC.'

I was speechless and was in all awe! Nothing more to say...I am proud to be a part of AIESEC!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Planning week, Italy

After wine tasting, we were having a tour in the wine cellars :) where wine was prepared and kept from about 1 to 5 years!!!!

The team on the way leading to the tower of Pisa

Florence from the top of a cathedral

The pool outside the castle we used to stay in.
The main usage of this pool was to play insane rugby in the pool

Aerial view from Ryan Air :)

Making sure the Pisa tower is not falling down

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


sitting in my room, listening to some nice relaxed music. came after an excellent healthy dinner cooked by the tuesday cooking team.

was watching some tv and flipping channels - my habit ...watched cnn, bbc a bit and the only thing i could see was middle east crisis - people crying for their loved ones and more statistics on how many Lebanese and Israelis have died, the next thing I see is the search for Java tsunami survivors...

i switched off the tv immediately and came up the room to check some news on the web about india and the first thing that came up is mourning for the victims of the mumbai bomb blasts

and then i read this

hmm... something bold, something strong needs to happen - which i know for sure everyone agrees.

question is HOW and WHAT - its a feeling of frustration and am wondering how can young people like us work on this? or what message needs to be passed on by leaders of the world today rather than condemning these events and giving a fancy speech that my heart is with you in these times - WHAT are you doing TODAY to make something happen

Does anyone feel like this?

may sense and peace prevail...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Breaking news - History created!

Live update from Rotterdam...

AI 06-07 and AI 05-06 reached the finals of the soccer world cup at the transition party on Saturday, the 15th!

AND AI 06-07 has won comprehensively 3 - 0!!! The new team always has been losing to the previous AI team in the past, but all the early morning practice and hard work has paid off :)

Great victory... and post that a wonderful handover party at De Loft!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day of victories...

After a day of upsets in World cup where Brazil and England bow out of the Worldcup, today was a great day!

Reporting at half past midnight, hours before our flight to Pisa - India wins the Test Match against WestIndies to win the test series! Bhajji and Kumble has led India to an exciting victory...

On another note, Michael Schumacher has raced the Ferrari to win the grandprix at Indianapolis! Way to go Ferrari - Schumi and Massa. This has reduced the gap between Schumi and Alonso to 19 and The Ferraris are 26 points behind Renault. With 8 races to go, the race to the top is definitely on!

Will have a good sleep now :)

Pisa, Italy...

Pisa, Italy - 2nd - 9th July AI planning days....Cannot wait to stay in a beautiful castle, walk down the wine yards - Thanks Dey for planning this entire trip :) Cannot wait to reach PISA!!!

More updates once we come back!