Sunday, July 23, 2006

SG meeting : 20 - 21July

Supervisory Group meeting - another unique experience!

Paul Batchelor, Rainer Kirchhofer, Carolyn Nimmy, Andrew Fiddaman, Victor Loewenstein, Ante Glavas, Tsurumi Michiaki in one room with both the AI Teams.

It was mind blowing to see the amount of knowledge, committment and passion they had for AIESEC. The questions, discussions sometimes surprised me on the understanding they have about AIESEC.

The best part was the social evening dinner that Rainer (from UBS) hosted for all of us. Getting to know them better, their personal views of AIESEC and their story of why do they have so much passion for this wonderful organization ; indeed very impressive.

Unfortunately it was Rainer Kirchhofer's last meeting.

At the end he simply said 'I am NOT leaving AIESEC, I am just leaving the Supervisory Group. I will keep coming back to AIESEC.'

I was speechless and was in all awe! Nothing more to say...I am proud to be a part of AIESEC!