Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What are you tzzinking about?

I love this! Have seen this and have made people imitate for me a million times - but always makes me laugh everytime I see this...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ashes... Who's gonna win this one?

Its back.. Yes, the Ashes!

This is one of the most crucial battle fought between England and Australia - but on the cricket field.

Sizzling 2 days of test cricket until now. Australia tore apart the English bowling attack with Ricky Ponting just falling short of a double century. England has started off with a poor start.

I think this is gonna go to Australia all the way. Following the last series's victory by England in the Ashes after 16 years of Australian dominance in the Ashes, the Australians are coming back this year with a lot of vengeance on their home turf.

Any bets?

Its gonna be an exciting series, for sure! Absolutely Loooooovin it (in Geofrey Boycott's accent :))

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You know when you are back in Rotterdam...

Last couple of months has been a lot of traveling...and for that reason you visit the Schipol airport almost all the time.

I am back after 2 weeks of intense traveling in the US - a lot of fun, but you know you are back at Schipol airport when:

1. You see the ING ads pretty much honking 'IN' your face. (The captions are really nice though :))
2. You hear the irritating voice of 'Mind your step' every 3 seconds on every escalator! It bugs you like crazy especially after you are back from a 15 hr long flight!
3. You see the dull grey weather all the time - there's no concept of changing seasons in Rotterdam - its always dull , grey and rainy (ok,ok - may be 30 days of the year on an average - it has some sun)

So whenever you arrive to the Schipol airport - look out for these things :)

But anyways, its great to be back in the AI office - Home sweet home!