Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You know when you are back in Rotterdam...

Last couple of months has been a lot of traveling...and for that reason you visit the Schipol airport almost all the time.

I am back after 2 weeks of intense traveling in the US - a lot of fun, but you know you are back at Schipol airport when:

1. You see the ING ads pretty much honking 'IN' your face. (The captions are really nice though :))
2. You hear the irritating voice of 'Mind your step' every 3 seconds on every escalator! It bugs you like crazy especially after you are back from a 15 hr long flight!
3. You see the dull grey weather all the time - there's no concept of changing seasons in Rotterdam - its always dull , grey and rainy (ok,ok - may be 30 days of the year on an average - it has some sun)

So whenever you arrive to the Schipol airport - look out for these things :)

But anyways, its great to be back in the AI office - Home sweet home!


Superluli said...

Hey, I am in the netherlands next week
wana meet up?

Jingwei said...

You cannot complain about the dull grey weather after living in Stockholm for 1 year! November is the worst here as I heard. However, the city is still stunning! :) Take care!

Oriana Torres said...

"You hear the irritating voice of 'Mind your step' every 3 seconds on every escalator!"

- I swear after 1 year I never got what this *^&%%$ voice was saying! I though it was in dutch ... hehehe ...

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