Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas holidays - Part I - India

I have never felt so good to be back home than during my last visit.

It was 1,5 years that I was away and then the first sign was the warm air that hit my face as soon as I landed in Delhi and you have the Punjabi accent in full flow. One of the guys (about mid fifties) who had come from Sweden back to Delhi after a long time, started to randomly talk to me in the immigration queue- "Oh Putr kaise ho, kaisa lag raha hai vapas apni dharti mein? (Oh son, how are you, how are you feeling to be back in your homeland) mera bharat mahan. It was hilarious to see their children (about my age) getting embarassed and poking his tummy to stop shouting like this in a loud voice. But he kept on harping about the fact that it was so good to be back home and that it was his land.

Welcome to India :) These things can never happen anywhere...

Few highlights about my trip to India:

Meeting my parents
It was wonderful to eat ghar ki daal, roti and talk to them about my experiences. It was amazing to feel the home environment and spend quality time with my parents.

Meeting relatives
Well, one of the definite highlights was a small party organized where we invited all my close relatives and it was great to see all of them and socializing them. There were a total of about 80 - 90 people :) The biggest question posed to me during that time was when I am getting married and in case I am interested to start looking for girls, they can introduce me to few girls who had inquired about this. This was definitely one of the things that hit me since thats the last thing I will ever think about at this point in my life. But then, well thats what home sweet home has in store for you, something unexpected :)

Meeting special friends
It was indeed very special to meet some of my friends for life. Thanks Shimoni for hosting a wonderful Mexican dinner at her place. It was great to meet Kartik, Shimoni, Bhavik and his wife, Pruthvi, Ketan, Kreta, Kavita for one long evening :) I always feel refreshed talking to them and having conversations of all kind. Thanks everyone for a special evening!

Attending Local AIESEC congress of my LC Baroda
This was another highlight since I havent attended any local AIESEC conference for about 3 years now! It was great talking to young AIESEC members and sharing experiences with them. Also it was extremely interesting to see how things are shaping up at a local level and the reality at a local level. Also there were LCP elections which was special as well! Brought back memories from my memorable association with my LC


I have never found Shopping so cheap. Probably with 200 euros I could have imagine 3 - 4 things if I would have bought them in Europe. But I managed to refresh my entire wardrobe from pairs of shoes, to sleeping bags, to new shirts, t-shirts, formal pants, pair of jeans, boxers, flip flops, food, warm jacket, gifts for people... basically tons of things!

Though it was only 8 days - every day was packed with the above mentioned things! Absolutely loved it...


Patrik said...

Nicely written. I was asking Nisarg about shaadi plans when he came back from Devnagari, "Naukri or Chaukri" (or something like that), right.

Btw. is Bharat getting more and more liberal, since you wrote "Bhavik and her wife"?

Amit Desai said...

Hey Patrik,
So good to hear from you! Where are you these days? Wishes from my side for a successful and happy new year to you!

And I must say you got a hawk eye. Thanks for correcting the typo. India and liberal to the heights as you pointed out? Hmmm. never :)

Ladi said...


Amit do you realize what you said at the beginning of the post?!

Do you realize you said you had a nice private party of "close family friends" with EIGHTY TO NINETY PEOPLE??!!!!

Oh My Goodness, you must have shocked a good number of people with that.

Happy New Year bro and keep the stories flowing. How is it going with...?