Friday, January 12, 2007

Poker Night III

Two victories in a row for me! I seriously think I have a Poker face...

This time (like last time) the evening started at 9 00 PM and ended at 2 00 AM in the night. However this time we had 11 people participating!

Overall, Poker nights have become a big hit on AI - the most awaited 'evening of the month' in our team!

Some classy pics from the great evening!


Jingwei said...

Hahahahaha...........It was so funny man! Cannot believe that everyone actually dresses up for the poker night, which makes the room really look like a casino. Whose idea was it? :)

Btw, how are you doing, Amit?

chitgo said...

dude thats some classy shit!, im impressed that the black suits are compulsory...

my only issue is the damn plastic glasses...please switch to cut crystal or something and promise me you're knocking hennesy's or the finest single malts bro...

cheers and rock on!

Amit Desai said...

Jingwei - Its damn cool. People take it seriously :) Ondrej is the man who is coordinating poker nights all the time...

Chitgo, Bro - I totally agree. We just bought some classy 'cut-crystal' glasses that suit this. This realization has definitely dawned upon us, so the next one is happening this Thursday on the men's night - where the entire room is now converted into a classy bar that will be inaugurated!

Veronica Luna said...

Hahahaah this is truly inspiring. I mean the whole environment set, I cannot recgnize it's an Ai flat hahah

Jitu said...

Happy new year to you to bro...

Dude, I am inspired by this night you keep bloggin about. I'll promote it in Beijing. :-)


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