Sunday, February 25, 2007

Longest Legislations in AIESEC Global Plenary...?

Its 6:30 AM in Cairo and the global plenary of AIESEC just passed the last motion of closing the legislation :)

10 hrs of legislation! What a night...Some big steps taken for moving AIESEC forward!

Next: AI VP announcements at the beach with the sun rising...Cannot wait!


Darshan... said...

Hey bro...long time since been to ur blog... seems excitin as hell just readin bout it... :wide-eyed look:

god..its like all da feelin of "excitment" nd "tiredness"(Legislation night/day :D) of IPM is seepin thru to ur

keep on postin more IPM pics/vids on ur cant have access to da IPM Live vids...


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