Monday, March 12, 2007

World Cup Cricket 2007 begins tomorrow!

16 teams...1 mission...

West Indies and Pakistan meet in an explosive opener tomorrow...

Official site here

My good wishes to the Men in Blue! Go India!

Any bets for the winners :)?


Aine said...

Just discovered we play Pakistan on Paddy's think the luck of the Irish could be enough for us?! I mean if they all wear shamrock of course :P

chitgo said...

aine...sorry but ireland will be destroyed!...:) but then atleast you guys are giving it a shot!...wont see any indians playing a decent game of rugby anytime soon...

AD dude...the atmosphere in the country is incredible, this is going to be one hell of a WC!

Sabi said...

Looks I have chosen the best time possible for arriving in India. Still have 1 week to understand the rules of that game!

Aine said... I told you...we play Pakistan on St Patricks Day....the luck of the Irish just might work!!!

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