Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Last 2 weeks...

I was out of action for a couple of weeks, because I was in trauma after India's disappointing exit from the WC and lack of proper internet in S. Africa!

I am back from AFRO XPRO in Joburg, which was an intense facilitator experience. A challenging experience with no electricity for the last 48 hrs of the conference got the grey cells of the faci team churning, but if it wasnt for the faci team the conference would not have been the same!

Thanks to Frances for being such a sweetheart of a chair. Kudos to the faci team - Gaspar, Rishabh, Betty, Stephanie, Moyo, Piero, Patrick, Habib! I had some of the funniest times getting to know these people and had so much fun chilling with these folks.

Overall the experience Africa was unique and overwhelming - to experience Africa and to see some similarities amongst people of that region, how they behave, act, think and have fun was extremely interesting to observe.

One thing I definitely was not even a quarter close to them was their dancing and hip-shaking abilities. But I had a blast with them, getting to know some really cool, passionate people who will shape the future of Africa!

Thank you everyone for making my time in South Africa memorable.

Pictures are on the flickr account...

I am back now in Rotterdam, and I cannot wait to start interviews for my potential successors... the coolest people on AI :) - if you havent guessed, I was talking about the AI ER Team!

With regards to the cricket WC, I am now over the loss and am supporting New Zealand to win this world cup! They are playing exceptionally well and they have some of the killer players who can give big surprises and might have a closer chance to win the cup! Go Kiwis!


eMad said...

Hey Amit,

Some experience! And the 48 hrs at conf without electricity.. I can imagine the madness, but it also sheds light on (no pun intended!) the sort of challenges that the continent has to face, in everyday work.

Quite crazy. Excited for your successors too! :)

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