Saturday, April 21, 2007

Semifinals will begin - WC 2007

After an exciting super 8 league, we have the semi finalists (not so surprising though)


(Lankans looking deadly, great form, Malinga will be back in semis, Batting looking strong with Jayasuriya - the old horse running faster than he could ever have)


(The Kiwis - Have been playing brilliantly this series, definitely deserve a birth in the finals. Acco. to me, brilliant bowling attack with Bond, Oram, Vettori - though the only team that have beaten them - apart from Aussies are the Lankans)


(Aussies - well bow down to the greatest team since a very long time. They have been comprehensively beating any side they have played against. Not even a slightest weak point seen in this WC. SA have a tough job ahead. Unless they have something going horribly wrong, they are set to win this WC. Though my hunch saying they wont, and they will be vincible)


(Def. the team that is at the bottom amongst the 4 semi finalists. Unless its their day, they are bowing out of the semis. Though you can never say. To win, I feel, SA needs to bat first and Smith, Gibbs need to pile up a huge score to put the Aussies under pressure.)

Cannot wait for an exciting finish! BETS for the finalists and the winners?

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