Sunday, April 29, 2007

The 'true' champions...

Splendid performance yet again by the team that has become invincible in the game of cricket. Not a single loss in any games in the WC, and not only defeating the other side but beating them comprehensively each time they have played.

What is it in them that led them to play like this team in this WC? Especially in today's era, when there are so many good teams playing, every team has been just falling apart like a pack of cards when it comes to playing them.

Another thing I want to highlight, is that they are very vocal about their strategy. This was said by Ricky Ponting prior to the finals.

"If you lose early wickets, then you allow Murali and those sort of guys to come into the game and that's when you are at your most vulnerable,"

"Our whole plan this week will be to get through the new ball as well as we can and keep wickets in hand for the middle period when Murali, Dilshan and Jayasuriya and those guys are going to be bowling.

"We can be a bit more aggressive and a bit more positive against them and try and put their slow-down sort of guys through the middle, put them under a bit pressure."

Probably this is not a statement that involves rocket science. But this is a team that WALKS their TALK. This is exactly what happened in the finals. They played the first few overs cautiously, kept wickets in hand, and then launched an attack - all bowlers going over 6 runs in an over esp. Murali. Now Sri Lanka knew the game plan but couldnt make any difference to the game, mere spectators to what the Aussies had in mind.

I am in awe for this great team! Well Done Aussies - you deserved every bit of this.


Life is beautiful said...

DUDE. Great photo.
I love it in the heading.
I hope all is well with your busy madness.
I'm sure like you always do...find something you love to do and do it well after these four months in AI.

I will be in UAE after..and its going to be another challenging experience.

hugs n luv from Cameroon.

eXPerience called L!FE said...

dude, what happened to your pork and beef theory? I think its time you concentrated on doing a PHD on it. Maybe we will win 2011 World Cup, if your report comes out on time.

eXPerience called L!FE said...

check the link, it talks about the diet schedule of the indian team :)

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