Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grade I : Photo :)

A huge thanks to Prabs for forwarding me this - picture of my class when I was in grade 1 :)

Guess, who is me :)?


Ladi said...

You are in the second row from the back. Third from the left.


Aine said...

No way Ladi...that can't be him!

Second row from the back yes, but I say the kid on the far right...he has an impish familiarity to him!! ;)

Paja said...

Cute, man:) I agree with Ladi!!

Tell us the truth..:)

Greetings from the Czech Republic, but soon on internship in Malaysia!)

Life is beautiful said...

Personally, I agree with Ladi. I also think that he's the second row from the back. Third from the left.
Come one amit..tell us which one you are.
curious minds wanna know...

chitgo said...

absolutely NO clue...draw a red circle around it dude.

Amit Desai said...

Aine - you are the only person who guessed it right :)

A lot of people however guessed as the others (3rd from left) but nah...I'm the impish, naughty one :)

judit said...

I guessed the right in the 2nd row, far right too, too bad, you posted the solution earlier :-).
Anyway, your childish face have not changed since then :-))))

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