Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jiggy Jawwww Jadon at his best...

Yesterday we were going to the Global Coordinators meeting and on the way Abhishek Jadon a.k.a Jiggy Jadon was entertaining me with his escapades from 2 - 3 years back (I must say those were his wild days :))

But one of his comments was so hilarious that I had to post it - its one of those Jiggy Jadon moments

So here's how the conversation goes:

Shashaank (who is the Global Coordinator Microsoft, worked with him in LC Jaipur) : So Abhi, tell us about your wild days

Me: Haan boss, tell us about your escapades with women

Shashaank hints him to quote his famous line used during those days

Jadon's response with his famous look: "Hum roopnagar ke cheeteh hai, shikar pe hi jeete hain"

Next 10 mins - Shashaank, Rishabh, me laugh like maniacs until our tummies hurt! The entire tram along with the other coordinators wonders what the hell just happened.


Ladi said...

You Idiot!
DO you mind translating?
Or then whats the point?

chitgo said...

brother ladi, trust me..this is one of those things 'completely lost in translation :)'

i'll try: "we are the leapords of roopnagar, we survive on our prey"

(said in a rhyming tone with an effect on 'cheetah' and 'shikar' - words that describe sexual prowess and an ability to pick up women in this context!)

like i said - lost in translation.

Pierre said...

More accurately, "We are the leopards of Roopnagar. We live only for the hunt"

Everyone in the office is wondering why the hell I'm laughing my ass off :D

Lucidly Awake said...

Can u tell me what movie is that quote from? (nobody seems to know!)

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