Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have finally recovered from the Transition party :)

It was awesome! After a great Friday evening with 150 litres of Czech beer - Staropramen overflowing and meeting so many people, Saturday proved to be even better (except the Soccer match).

Rotterdam weather (finally) supported a good Soccer tournament. The two AI teams ended up in the final, but the new team beat us. They had a strong team, but we had another blow - Jarda broke his leg, Yes and this is crazy - After Ondro who had a surgery with a similar but a worse blow 2 weeks back, Jarda during the game had a similar injury and now he has a plastered foot as well - so with two strikers out of the game, it was not the strongest teams anyways. But well played new AI team :)

The party in the night - All Class No Sh*t lived up to its theme. About 200 people, and the entire place booked to ourselves was packed. Gee and Ondro were the DJ's :) and the music rocked. Surprisingly I partied until 5 00 AM (its the first time in the last one year, I have been up partying - I felt young again :)).

With legs paining the entire next day, and an extra long sleep in, it was time to start reading the 7th book of HP. About 200 pages more to go, its becoming extra tough to read it slow as once its over, its over! The last HP book - wanna make sure all details are read through painstakingly.

VISA papers need to be filed in latest next Monday, so working on that besides finalizing and wrapping up work and transition.

This Friday and the weekend is going to be sailing! The last team days - we will start our odyssey of sailing around the Ijsselmeer and the Dutch Wadden Sea.

Our Ship:

"The Chateauroux" - A Two mast clipper ship famous for its red wine sails.

I simply cannot wait for my first sailing adventure and closing team days :)