Monday, August 06, 2007

Home sweet home...

I am back in Baroda for about 3 days now, but say I have woken up only now :)

The last 2 days in Rotterdam had been pretty intense - packing plus emotionally as well. I am ready to leave AIESEC after 6.5 years but not really ready to leave my team whom I had a ball of a year with.

Its the beauty of AIESEC that you meet with ambitious young people whom you can relate so deeply with, have great conversations, built genuine relationships, but at the same time a big con is that because it is a year of such an intense experience that you become very close friends, and then you need to move on - though you know that you will make sure you will meet up with them soon. I miss you!

So the last 2 days in the Netherlands were packed with dinners, spending a lot of time with close friends and the night before I flew - a high spirited bachelors party for Ryan :) who is going to get married next July with Ildi.

Now I am back home spending time with family and talking to so many relatives over phone - incredible how big our social circle is. I have been sleeping a lot and watching movies, news channels and cricket :) (Star Cricket - 24 hrs non stop cricket channel - bliss! I am making up for all the cricket I have been missing since the last 2 years)

Meanwhile, while waiting for the VISA procedures for Switzerland, I am thinking of going to Turkey for about 8 - 10 days. Lets see how things unfold, the next few days will have the answer figured out.

A good time to regroup, reflect as it is like starting a new phase of my life and not another year!


Mo said...

Greetings Amit. Doing the same in Germany, and going back to R'dam in the weekends you know why :) It is kind of funny. After so many years, you wake up late and think: What do I have to do today? Whatever I want! Still though, as you mention, I miss the peeps. Soon I will be off to Hungary.

Aine said...

hey hey!!

We are ready and waiting for you here dude :) Already have the places scoped for watching F1 :)

Keep me updated on your arrival plans...will see what I can do about a welcoming committee...arrive on a weekend and for sure I will be at the airport :)


eMad said...


You know you were one of the first people that I met when I came to India for NatCong 05. Feels like a million years ago now!

Anyway, g'luck with what's next. Might see you in CH, down the line! :)


Amit Desai said...

Mo: Hope you enjoying your trips to the Irish bar ;)

Aine: I will keep you posted. Lets catch up msn / skype one of these days. Need to get a low down of the life there :) I should be there by 1st week of September and I will see for sure the possibilities of arriving on a weekend! F1 - woohoo! But I am a bit disappointed with Ferrari's show in the Hungarian GP

Emad: Yes, I do remember Natcong. You have rocketed up since then! Congrats for CS and hope to see you somewhere soon :)

eMad said...

Maybe Turkey!

Mo said...

Dude, the Irish bar is rocking the house :) I am such a happy camper.

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