Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Am alive...

Yes, I am gonna find a time the coming weekend to put up an update on the first few days in Zurich! It is been insanely hectic but exciting...

Some pictures until an elaborate post this weekend!

My work place

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zurich tomorrow!

I shall see the sun rising tomorrow in Zurich!

Cant wait to start the next phase of my life...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Education and learning

Last week, Pruthvi and I held a workshop for high school students in our school - Tejas Vidyalaya. This is the school where my entire schooling happened - 15 years! So of course its special.

But since education is one my strongest passions which I want to be connected throughout my life, we went and shared our perspective on learning and how school education fits into the overall picture of learning.

Knowing how during schooling here (which is beginning to change now), the students have the need to think beyond school education and usually forget the important truth of learning being the goal of education, the objective was to increase consciousness about learning, and how they learn today. Also we conducted an exercise on finding their own learning styles and have some discussions amongst them about these topics besides sharing our experience.

The entire feeling was satisfactory and seeing the students so thrilled and open minded, it felt that was just the thing they needed then.

It was also a great opportunity to get an insight about the current reality of school education in my city.