Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last 3 weeks - on a F1 race track

Life recently has been on a formula 1 race track , ironically haven't been even able to see the last 2 F1 races :), though I promise to myself that I will catch up on the Brazilian race to finish the season.

So many things are happening and the first month as a conscious choice I have decided to let myself flow with the flow and see what happens after a month.

I finish a month now and some good time to reevaluate on what has been up so far...

- Work

It has been great so far. I am working in Market Strategy and Development Department under the Global Wealth Management arm of UBS. Two main areas I am working on is an offshoring case that is just being conceptualized right now. It is extremely interesting to view an offshoring process and how it is being conceptualized and implemented from the other end point (on-shore) as I always been in the offshore hub of the world and viewed Indian business from that angle. The second part is working with my boss on the Steering Committee (like in AIESEC :)) which is a part of the offshoring governance framework - so helping to manage and run meetings with the Business Sector Heads. So .. so far so good!

- Life besides work

Has been crazy as well. A lot of going out, meeting people, settling down, cheese fondues, AIESEC presentations in Bern and Zurich during their recruitment / induction sessions. The other AIESEC interns and Petroula :) are a good bunch. Aine has beautifully summarized in her posts on how some of our weekends have been.

Though couple of big highlights, I would wanna briefly mention:

- Visiting Luzern and Mt. Pelatus was one of the most beautiful moments ever. This trip was with Sab, Petroula and a couple of Indian people from the Indian Service Centre of UBS in Hyderabad who had been on a visit to Zurich.

- Thursday night out

Yes, this has been the heights of being spontaneous. After a nice dinner at Petroula's, with Sab, Gaurav, Aine and me, we decided to go for a quick drink out at a pub called Lady Hamilton's. After that, I dont know what happened (am still trying to find out what led to this) but we all went out to a club or say club hopping until 5 30 am and then 1 hr rest after which straight to work then. The work day was very productive - I must say :) am serious, but I have never done something crazy like this on a Thursday night. And no pics available :)

Anyways, there will be pictures uploaded on my flickr account soon - some of them are up, but still loads more to be up. But to summarize, after reflecting on my first month's experience and a good pit stop to reevaluate, certain things are even more clear.

A great start to my exchange experience, and I look forward to the rest. Will have more frequent updates (this was one of the other pitstop reflections :))

I have realized that it is critical to have those pit stops and at regular intervals, to know and sense the right speed for you at different times in your life, when to speed up, when to have those pit stops and go according to that - also what kind of people enable you to have a smooth race and how important it is to have them around you - or else the fuel will run out and / or it might be too late for a pit stop.

On another note, I will be chairing the next Austrian AIESEC Conference in Salzburg from 8th - 11th Nov. So I look forward to visit Austria for the very first time in my life!


Aine said...

hey! tell it properly...I went HOME to my bed after Lady Hamilton's!!! hehehehehehehe

And BRING on Brrrrraaziiiill! YOu Alonso has clinched the title there for the last 2 years...3rd time lucky?!

DEY said...

Hey Amit, I am so happy to read your lines...

Life is becoming a interesting race then? Good to know you are aware of the stops that we all need to make...

Big hug from Barcelona and see you soon in Zurich.


TheDreamingTree said...

Looks like you are having a great time. I was feeling all nostalgic when I read your post, so I had to add my two bits...check out these places if you havent already:

Kaufeuten-This is on Pelikanstrasse. I used to work right above it. Go late though..some evenings they have karaoke with a live band (but they audition the amateur singers before). The songs are all english. Great ambience, but expensive.

Bubbles-they have a really fun pub quiz on Mondays. Lots of ex-pats go there. Get a group of 4 to go. I was quite a regular for a few months with the trainees.

Langstrasse- Have great eating joints. Spend like a lazy weekend brunch there. Nights are quite different :)

Blinde Kuh- You have to go here!! Get reservations in advance as its always booked out. You eat in the dark and as all the servers are blind they guide you through your meal inside. Fantatic experience.

But my favorite area in Zurich has to be Niederdorf. It has such a fun go hopping between the jazz bars and clubs one night.Its beautiful to walk there at night.

Just writing these names is bringing a flood of memories. I heard they are putting up the "good" Christmas lights at Bahnoffstrasse this year. Last year the lights were a huge controversy...I found it hilarious. I guess that's what people discuss when the crime rate is negative :D

Anyway enjoy. And dont be a stranger.


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