Saturday, November 17, 2007

So, what's been up?

Another 2 weeks have whizzed by...but they have been extremely exciting.

The last week, I was chairing the AIESEC Austrian national conference - FUTURE . This was one of the key highlights of the last two weeks. It was a bit strange to go back to an AIESEC forum but at the same time I loved every bit of it. First couple of days in Vienna, and then to the land of Mozart - Salzburg where the conference was held - I had a memorable time.

I did not know the faci nor the MC team that well so it was a bit of challenge for me to see how the conference would be managed with four parallel tracks and ensuring the conference is ONE conference and not fragmented. However, I was impressed with the professionalism, attitude and approach of the facilitators team. Also, the delegates showed great amount of enthusiasm to learn. Thank you everyone for this. It is amazing how AIESEC continuously churns out such individuals every single year since the past 60 years. Also, I was moderating an alumni panel and to see how they view AIESEC's contribution in their lives all pointed out to the values, attitude and approach that the platform and environment of AIESEC had instilled in them.

It was also good to meet some friends and catch up with them. Overall, an exciting break from 2 months of work :)

Besides that, some restructuring going on in our Business Group, so well lets see how things affect my role, if at all they do.

This week Zurich experienced some snow and sub zero temperatures are becoming a reality now. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Ah, and how can I forget this - ? I am a proud owner of a beauty - my new Apple iPhone - extremely slick and cool :) Good investment considering I didn't even have an ipod and I was thinking to buy that but then thought - why not pay some more and get an iPhone itself? :)


Floor said...

Sounds like an amazing experience, how cool!!!

Prabs said...

Conferences, iPhone ... life doesn't get better, does it?

GK said...

...future conference 2007 in salzburg was indeed an awesome expierence. and amit, you did an amazing job as being the chair - it was great to see how you can motivate people. i was impressed! ;-)

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