Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas wishes...

It has def. been 3 exciting weeks...

The business trip to India was excellent - a lot of good insights into our UBS office in Hyderabad.

Was also great catching up with Abhinav, Shanty, Frances and Rachit on old and current stories in the AIESEC world :)

Though for a day, it was great to catch up with family, friends and relatives back in Baroda and not to forget the Bombay tanking up at Toto's with Sam and Abhinav.

Besides that, the secret santa xmas dinner at Petroula's with Sab, G, Aine, PK and I was cosy too... Some really funny gifts and I thank my secret santa for this wonderful gift - acco. to her it was apt because of my new iPhone (Thank you PK for this thoughtful gift :)).

Other big highlight was Mairi's visit here, unfortunately Pinar couldn't make it due to some last min. hassles and we def. missed her. We went 10,000 feet up to Mt. Titlis - the most beautiful site I have ever seen. Though pictures say a thousand words, to be there and witness the amazing mountains from such a height - it was a different world out there. It was fascinating to have numerous conversations with her and hear her experience with Health Estonia foundation. It was absolutely a perfect holiday...some pictures below - many more on my flickr badge.
On one of the mountains - there is a natural statue of Buddha or at least seems like that. It was an incredible sight and there is a fascinating story of Chinese Olympic gold medalist- Donghua Li behind this. The first picture in the last row in the collage shows that.

And how did I spend xmas?
Well, it was Gaurav and I at home - watching a lot of movies, 24 episodes, a couple of premiership matches and scotch :) besides the wonderful xmas AIESEC interns dinner.

My xmas message and quote is my best line from one of the Harry Potter books - comes from Book 2 - Chambers of Secrets.

"It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

On that note I want to wish you all merry xmas and a new year to everyone where you have the strength to make conscious choices that bring you growth and happiness in all spheres of life.

For new year celebrations, looking forward to meet few other AI friends in Austria - can't wait....

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I had the chance to witness the UBS Verbier Festival Orchestra The unique thing about this orchestra is it is composed of musicians aged 17 to 29 from over 30 countries and it started since the year 2000.
It is recognized as one of the world's leading training orchestras and so a few of us managed to get tickets there to witness. It was incredible how the young musicians played flawlessly synchronized. Amazing experience - those 2 hrs were incredible.

Work is shaping up in an interesting manner. Am meeting interesting people every day and learning more about the dynamics of the corporate environment.

The other evening we had been to an English comedy club after work for some lighter and nonsensical moments by three English comedians. It was hysterical and silly :) Was really good after a long day's work.

Another thing I have noticed that in the last 10 days is that I have been frequenting an Indian restaurant called Kings Kurry (amazingly delicious food). Now that I am moving to a house closer to work and it is one tram stop away from this place - I am gonna practically live at this restaurant.

The German classes are going good along with signing up for the UBS Squash club - so finally will start some sports.

It is already December now which is going to be a jam packed month...

Things to look forward:
- A business trip to India from the 9th to 16th
- Mairi and Pinar's visit to Switzerland
- New Year celebrations in a cottage in Austria with friends (Gabiza, Ondro, Ryan, Ildi, Jarda, Coco, Nico, Habib)

Cant wait to meet friends and hear their unique experiences and have those discussions that always bring a smile to your face...