Friday, April 25, 2008

A moving experience...

I have been intending to write this post since quite some while, but never found the appropriate time to write about it.

Michelle was visiting Zurich and so Petroula, Michelle and I went to the restaurant called "Blinde Kuh" translated as "The blind cow" - the world's first dark restaurant. It is a restaurant where you do not need your sight to enjoy the experience.

We had to order our food outside in the reception area, since the dining room was supposed to be pitch dark. Apparently this place is pretty small - but hosts about 78 people at full capacity. The evening we went - we were told that there were 74 people, almost packed :) and is served by about 4 staff in total - mix of blind and partially sighted.

This was our table that we were dining at :)

A blind waiter comes out to pick us up from the reception area. Since it is pitch dark inside, we put our hands on her shoulders and she led us to our table. You could not see anything - all cellphones, luminary objects were to be kept outside.

To eat something that you cannot see was extremely uncomfortable. Of course, I spilled a few things outside my plate (am a bit clumsy but still I will blame that on the darkness:)), but it wasn't embarrassing since no one could see the damage I did :)

We had numerous conversations about the way we were feeling. The only thing you can experience there is sounds of people around talking and laughing. You cannot even see your hand when you put it in front of your face - pitch dark.

We were almost touched to experience how it is to live such a life - truly appreciating the value of 'sight'. Certain worldly problems of life seem so trivial at such times - just reminded me of the power of 'gratitude' to appreciate your existence and not carried away by trivial problems in life - may it be in terms of dissatisfaction of your job, relationships or having some sort of bad day because of a trivial verbal fight.

On another angle, to understand how the blind have to live their life everyday - who live, enjoy and experience their lives only by the sense of 'touch' is extremely moving. I would definitely want to look at donating eye sight after death and encourage others to explore this possibility.

Indeed, an unforgettable, touching and moving experience and for all people who will visit Zurich some day - don't forget to visit this place for a unique experience!

You can read more about the fascinating story behind this here


DEY said...

Dude, awesome!!! You have to take me there next time I drop by in Switzerland!!!

Yat Wan said...

We went to a similar one in Vienna except that it was a simulation of life in the city. So you walk around the park, get lost in the forest, stand at a busy square, go to the shops, try to cross the road and take the bus, order at the bar and then finding a table.

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