Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Viva la vida

The new album by Coldplay - have been hearing since about 5 days now.

You can feel the band's obsession over the details they have put into this. This is a different album as the tone is a bit dark, the guitars are played roughly & heavily - definitely a bold effort by the band but it has paid off every bit - the bar has truly been raised!

You can feel the difference in the songs - for e.g "Yes!" which has odd tunes and Chris's rough voice. The title - "Viva la vida" starts off beautifully and you know hearing the title song - that this album is here to make the difference and top the charts even before you hear all the songs.

Chris Martin and the entire band has done an incredible job with the new album and I am very happy about this fact :). The instrumental -"Life in technicolor" is melodious along with "Strawberry Swing". Also I can feel the ethnic tabla / tribal drums in the song "Lost" - which is beautiful, but I still prefer the bonus track Lost (acoustic) version- where there is absolutely nothing besides the piano playing with Chris Martin singing.

You might call me biased for my fav band - but I still give them a 9 / 10 and there are good reasons for this.

I like the entire album, but to pick my top 3 songs - here they go:

* Viva la vida
* Lost
* Life in technicolor

I hope I can somehow arrange my schedule and manage to watch them live in the upcoming tour with some uncertainty that lies ahead of me as just over 2 months are left in Swiss land.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A flight of freedom...

It was an incredible feeling on the 'flight of freedom' as I like to put it :)

During the 20 mins in the air, it reminded me of this thought that I had posted sometime back.

After the para gliding, followed one of the great lunches at an Indian restaurant :), and later in the evening, Gaurav, Petroula and I had taken this wonderful boat ride for 2.5 hrs on the lake of Thun - it was sooooo pretty and relaxing. It was a day in a weekend - but felt like we were on a loooong holiday - felt disconnected from everything but the nature and you being a part of it like everything else in this world.