Monday, October 20, 2008

India vs. Australia - 2nd test match

The 2nd test match, especially the last 2 days have witnessed immaculate performance by a team in a test series - team India's biggest win in terms of a victory margin and that too against a top quality team. It was enthralling to see a team effort with so many countributions by almost every player. India vs. Australia - the battle is always a special one to watch - to see which of the top 2 teams in cricket are getting an upper hand of the other.

But the last 2 days in particular, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the game.

Punter's dismissal of Ishant Sharma - a cracker of a delivery. The only space left for the ball to go through was a size of a cricket ball - and Ishant Sharma with the reverse swing found that only to see the off-stump being uprooted. Ponting didn't have a clue and he too was surprised to see how the ball went through the gate.

Zaheer Khan's wickets today morning - especially Haddin and Brett Lee - pure enjoyment of world class bowling. Stumps flying around, batsmen having no clue on how the ball is moving - these are priceless moments to watch :)

Both Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma as the only 2 pace bowlers in the game - played a very crucial role. The task of swinging the ball which the Australian pacers could not was performed at a more than desired level.

Other Great moments - included the legendary Tendulkar's response to those 2 catches. Even after being the highest ever run scorer in Tests, playing 19 years of test match cricket - (that's a
hell of a lot of test cricket), the same kid-like enthusiasm of taking a catch and celebrating that as if it was your first catch in test match cricket - just makes you smile in awe at the great legend.

Many other moments and contributions worth mentioning, but I am not going to write all of them - will enjoy today being proud of Indian cricket and watch highlight shows to re-live the moments of pure enjoyment :)

With regards to Dhoni, I am only going to say that the future of Indian cricket feels in safe hands.