Monday, May 25, 2009

Pl meet Ms. Pankha

Pl welcome a new member in my bed room - popularly known as "Ms. Pankha" (for the non-bhartiyas, it is referred to as a "fan")

For a couple of Indians who have been living in Zurich in the past year, namely Sab and Pasu - they know how these 3 piece of blades can bring you the best of sleeps.

Trust me she's a life saver, at least the few months in Europe when the temperature soares to above +30 degree celsius and you do not have fans nor air conditioning, she keeps you nice and cool when you asleep ;)

What will I do without you, my lil pankhu :P


Friday, May 08, 2009

Some more thoughts - 26th Nov 2008 terrorist attack

The entire terrorist attack probe is now becoming a drag - actually seems like an Ekta Kapoor TV serial (even the main character name starts with K - Kasab).
Jokes apart, this is really becoming ridiculous.

* Last week, I read they were probing into his age to see if he was a minor - well, let me not get started on this. Now once that is proved he is above 20, there is a trial now starting - oh hold on, today is May 8th, more than 5 months since one of the deadliest attacks to hit India.

* Pakistan has been denying the fact that the captured terrorist was from Pakistan, wanting more proof (I think this went on for more than 3 months), I still dont know the official statment on this. It's all going round and round.

The only thing I have heard is everyone saying Pakistan should treat this more seriously and be more proactive in taking more action against terrorism (wow - is that something new? who would not have figured that out?)

* Where are the actions regarding making a special unit accountable to getting this case solved within a certain time frame? How about Investing X m$ in coming up with one of the most sophisticated intelligence bureau?
I wonder why would such simple ideas that come up in almost anyone's mind would not be implemented.

Well, not much you can do now except hope the current candidates during elections have this upfront on the agenda and have better priorities than the current ones, hoping they will do something radical about a grave issue that has been bothering our country.

Yes, actions have happened, but they are far from what would a normal, sane government who cared about peace, democracy and its people would have reacted.

Correct me if I am wrong, but following news everyday virtually - this is what I get out of this.