Sunday, November 08, 2009

Whale watching in Boston

A weekend with Tarang and Swaroopa - was absolutely fantastic!

One of the key highlights was our unique whale-watching experience. Experiencing nature's beauty is something that intrigues, fascinates, energizes, touches parts of your heart and mind which is something only nature's creations can do.

So we started our journey at 12.30 from the Boston harbor at the Massachusetts Bay. Went about 25 miles into the Atlantic. Until then nothing - not a single sight of any life on the sea. So we had to go about 5 miles more across the waves further in, which got a bit nasty with the waves, though the feeling was incredible. At roughly after 14.30 there were some amazing sightings, different kind of whales around, mostly the humpbacks and the minkes. There were sights of fountains of water all around, and it was like a mix of emotions - frenzy, awe, peace - very difficult to summarize into words. They had been given names, however the naming convention followed is that these cannot denote gender generally not given to human beings.

I felt like an explorer amongst the entire journey, but also wondered how the explorers were on the sea for days and days. Besides the beauty factor, there is the anatomy it can handle the mammoth waves :) On our way back, the journey that lasted close to 5 hours, you can see 75% of the boat down with sea sickness, the extra 5 mile further I think got to most :), but every moment was worth it, something every one who visits Boston should experience!

Below are photos of some.

Whale sighting photos:

Some other photos capturing parts of Boston:


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